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Scale Revenue From the
Customers You Already Have

Leverage your existing products, features, and components
to increase revenue without constantly relying on engineering

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From Opportunity to Implementation
Without Engineering Roadblocks

An entitlement management system — working alongside your billing and CRM platforms — makes bringing new plans to market easy.

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Fuel Your Growth with Thales SM’s
Sentinel Licensing & Entitlements Platform

Sentinel is the complete and connected Licensing and Entitlements platform designed to help you maximize monetization. Thousands of companies — from Fortune 500s to small family businesses — use the Sentinel Platform to unlock significant software revenue growth.

Stop Stressing Over Growth and Start Monetizing

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Go To Market Fast with Dynamic Packaging

Growth teams need to adjust pricing and packaging at the speed of market demands. But too often, you’re stuck waiting for development schedules to be reprioritized. If you want to change your packaging with minimal engineering, you need entitlement management.

In just a few clicks, you can monetize your most valuable features with a variety of licensing models such as consumption-based usage, number of users, and feature gating. With entitlement management, when the market demands it, you can fulfil it.

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Grow at Scale with Automated Fulfilment

It’s not easy managing delivery and deployment for hundreds of product orders. It gets harder when you move from selling one product to multiple products, plans, and features. Just when you get the swing of things, your customers ask for something new.

Integrate entitlement management with your order systems to make your fulfillment and provisioning run like clockwork. Reduce human error, automate processes, and scale your operations to meet your growth targets.

Improve Retention with Proactive User Trends

Do your sales and customer success teams have data to proactively upsell or minimize churn?

Entitlement data shows product deployment and usage trends, helping you identify customers likely to churn. Armed with this information, your sales and customer success teams are empowered to reach out to your customers to discuss how you can offer value-added features and services long before renewal. You’ll minimize lost revenue and increase the value of your sales.

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Move Past Acquisition and Improve Monetization

At a certain point, you can’t only rely on new customer acquisition to build your business. Efficient growth requires a solid monetization strategy. One that enables you to increase revenue from existing customers.

Customers will pay more when you give them more value by customizing plans and features to meet their needs. It’s easier than ever with entitlement management.

You’ll be able to drive conversions from free to paid plans and upsell to higher subscription tiers. Entitlement management also ensures that customers can only access the features in the plan they bought, so you can capture all the revenue you deserve.

Global Software Licensing and Entitlement Management Market

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Thales as a leader in the Global Software Licensing and Entitlement Management Market

Understand the opportunities that fuel growth in Software Licensing and Entitlements and find out why we are again recognized as the global leader

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What is an entitlement?

An entitlement is a definition of what a customer has purchased, in what quantity, and for how long it can be used.

The entitlement code contains all information about a customer’s right to use a feature and or product. It helps companies control different in-app experiences by answering the question who, has what rights to which offer for how long and how many.


What is entitlement management?

Entitlement management systems streamline policies concerning entitlements, licensing renewal, workflow, plus access across platforms, applications, and devices. Each authenticated user has access to a specific application configuration. The configuration is based on their entitlement which includes specifications for each user--some have upgrades and add-ons, and some don't. Some have access to different features or higher usage rates than others.

Sentinel EMS is the core of the Sentinel Platform. It ties together multiple operations systems in order to create, manage, and activate the chosen products and services at the appropriate time. It also collects and stores the data of those operations.

What types of business can benefit from entitlement management?

Any software vendor or hardware vendor that sells a software solution can achieve more sustainable growth with entitlement management. An entitlement management solution helps you expand revenue streams, test new pricing and offer bundles, and optimize your business with flexible and secure license models that are tightly integrated with your billing system.

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